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Sandra Chang-Adair

Las Vegas, NV

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Sandra Chang is a self-taught artist that is passionate about delineating the beauty of the human form. She embraces fantasy art and eroticism in her paintings. In her earlier work, she enjoyed creating powerful, domineering women, often subjugating their male counterparts. Her recent characters are depicted as fairies, mermaids, knights, heroines and mythical characters in the steam punk genre. She loves interjecting subtle humor in her vignettes (often sneaking in her beloved dogs). Her medium of choice is digital, drawing from scratch and employing Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. She also loves oils, acrylics and watercolors. Sandra established herself in the art world by working for Eros Comix, creating and drawing the comics, Sheedeva, Sin Metal Sirens and contributing to Eros Anthologies. Her artwork has been published in Heavy Metal, Erotic Signature, Exotique 3, and Drakaina Masters. She is currently illustrating pin-ups for Hustler Magazine. She write tutorials for Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Digital Artist Magazine. Sandra also has her own brand called Banzai Chicks. Banzai Chicks endorses Girl Empowerment. Banzai Chicks are a group of martial arts girls and their mascots that fight apathy and lethargy while encouraging girls to pursue their dreams. Sandra makes t-shirts, handmade jewelry and magnets with her Banzai Chicks characters. You can go to for more information. Besides art, Sandra enjoys practicing kung fu. She has several blackbelts. She also loves training her sheltie and aussie in dog agility and canine freestyle.

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I like the platform of creative people networking and coming together for one night and hopefully building lasting relationships. I'm looking forward to being inspired, to exchange ideas, thoughts and making new friends.

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My husband Dustin, my dogs: Ripley and Freckles, Art, KUNG FU, martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu Chan (my kung fu school run by a 32nd Generation Shaolin monk), Digital Painting in Photoshop and Corel Painter, Drawing, Figure Drawing, Shelties, Australian Shepherds, Dog Agility, Canine Freestyle, writing, oil painting, MICHAEL JACKSON, sci-fi and fantasy movies and audio books, Steampunk, creating comics.

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