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Sarah & the Meanies

Denver, CO

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Vocal twirling soulful songs with a folksy-indie-rock vibe. She's a Northwest native, tiny thing, singing her heart out. SA started out at a baby age singing to anyone who would listen...and still will. Her voice is twice her size & she always leaves you wanting more. After playing across the US for a few years she moved to Denver and formed The Meanies. You can find them rocking out at reputable venues, open mics and even on the sidewalk, playing hard and singing loud demanding everyone's attention. Videos are available on & a new full length album is in the works right now. Look em up, like their page, love their tunes! SARAH & THE MEANIES!

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Life, love, shitty days. We write together & try to hone in on a specific sound while keeping in mind our idols and why they're so awesome. Sometimes we have nothing to say and that's when the best tune comes out. We keep on working together and making sweet baby Jesus sounds and that's what inspires us to keep on keepin on.

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I don't know enough to say my favorite thing. But as of now, any supporter of the underdog is pretty much the Nostradamus that will one day be thanked at Grammy Awards & remembered as the rock we all needed to keep on rollin.


Root Beer Floats. My equally as talented baby sis, LynnC Lovely (look her up). New baby smell and puppy breath (we know you agree). Whatever the next big project is, we're never bored. But mainly, the ride, it's bumpy but we we're in. We're already living our dream, just aren't making money at it, yet.