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Scientific Upper Cut

Honolulu, HI


A collection of Military personel deeply passionate about music in their down time. We've come together to create musical ideas, let steam off, and in all cases have fun doing so. The thoughts and theory behind the band is Forget Science, Just Scream. It's about following your heart, and not just doing what everyone else is doing for the sake of doing it. Be yourself and love yourself, above all else. Forget the set path and find that new happiness that represents you. This is what Scientific Upper cut is all about. FORGET SCIENCE, JUST SCREAM!


The irony of life: As you walk the well worn path and a freight train cuts you off, leaving you abandoned and fighting for your own devices. The relationships in life and the magic they can create. Family and how so many others can matter so much more than your own desires. Learning from mistakes and figuring out that some doors are best left shut.


The chance RAW gives to expose so many different styles of music and art through one media outlet is incredible. They give an opportunity of a life time, and it's transferable to so many communities. The fact that they have 70 different cities is just awesome. We're proud to be a part of such a unique and stellar chance like this.


Music has saved and destoryed the collective existance of the band several times. It's the only real lasting thing.