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Shotgun Abby

St. Louis, MO

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Shotgun Abby is a six piece band hailing from STL. Our sound is broad, but firmly rooted in pop-rock-blues. Sprouting in 2012 from an acoustic duo began by Shawn Telkamp (vocals) and Greg Dunn (Lead Guitar) the band has grown to include Brian Schultz (Bass/Guitar), Tony Hunt (Drums) and The Abbys - Kerry Duepner & Shannon Dey (Backing Vocals.) During shows you will hear everything from haunting acoustic ballads to sultry rocking blues. The original concept of the band is best represented in our logo, Sister Abby, a vigilante nun wielding a sawed-off shotgun. A character that lives at a balance between salvation and damnation which is at the heart of our song writing. We invite you to enter her world and take this journey with us.

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