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Santa Cruz Sirens Burlesque

San Jose, CA

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The Sirens present a smoldering combination of traditional burlesque and modern dance, urging our audience to take a deeper look into their own sexuality. We are a group of women drawn to exploring the many dimensions of sexuality, sensuality, relationship, Masculine and Feminine, and the power of embodied dance to express, connect and heal. Through creating artistic dance pieces that explore and embody these complexities, we work to bring this conversation into our community and support sexual expression and authenticity for women and men. The Sirens are at once: Sultry, Shy, Sexy, Shameless, Strong, Soft, Sharp, Sacred, Soulful, Stripped, Searching, Safe, Salty, and Sweet.

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The many great modern burlesque dancers like Dita von Teese and Dirty Martini who are really bringing the art of burlesque back into the mix and inspiring others to express their own sexuality in a beautiful and empowered way

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I love how RAW brings together artists of so many different mediums but with a common pulse that unites us all

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Using dance as a medium for expression, healing and community building

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