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sister ook

Ventura, CA


I am 51 years young and I have been called a force of nature...because I never give up. I live and breathe art and music. Music is my true love. I began playing the piano at age 5. I continued to play music all through grade school,high school and college on my beloved flute. The guitar came to me later in life. My dear husband knew how much I loved to sing and gave me a guitar for Christmas. "sister ook" began writing songs and playing the guitar in Dayton,Ohio. I formed my first group of musicians in 1998 before I moved to Ojai,California in 1999. I played open mics at first, then slowly began to put my band back together. Although my husband is the bass player, drummers come and go. It took until Sept 2011 for "ook" to find bandmates up to the challenge of recording. My new drummer, Vicente Zavala, got up to speed very quickly and we began recording in March 2012. Recordings in hand, we sought the help of the master mixer Niko Bolas. Niko gave each song it's very own personality. My guitar, the "Grinder" leads the way, with bass leads intertwined and drums that make the songs GO! "sister ook" a Rock n Roll band, finally, 10 original songs on CD: "FASTER THAN GRAVITY" to be released in 2013 We are gearing up for our next CD of 10 more original songs to be recorded in April of 2013


I am inspired by people who never give up on their dreams, regardless of the obstacles.


My favorite thing about RAW is the excitement it brings to the community. I love so many different creative expressions under one roof! BRAVO!


My husband (Yam) and my 2 children, Mara and Max. I love them with all my heart.