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Miami, FL

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Born in the UK & raised in Miami, Sopheye [Pronounced Sof-Eye] has sung all her life; but it wasn't until the age of 18 when she decided to pursue a musical career. Jumping from Jazz to Hip Hop to Drum & Bass this vocalist has performed and released tunes on various labels such as V Recordings, Nemesis & Bassdrive Tunes. Hosting various events over the years Sopheye sings, rhymes & gets her audience involved with her message of strength, positivity & good times! Take a listen & be sure to catch her live when you can!

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A hub for aspiring artists to come together & work towards networking, expanding, collaborating, sharing & learning about artists of every kind! I love the unity!

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Bass, creativity, strength, love, determination, Music of every genre that hits deep down in my soul.

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