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Secret Slaves

Nashville, TN

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Secret Slaves "APOPalyptic Music since 2012" We are a "Gnashville" band cultivating our sound to create ElectroClash/TripPop music and have formed the genre: "APOPalyptic" We are Secret Slaves, (formerly StrangerDanger) a group of music enthusiasts who collectively have combined our talents to deliver an unique collection of floorfilling tracks; set to rock the charts, sure to entertain the senses, stimulate and exhilarate every moment; you'll not be disappointed! Presently on manuscript, our dance, electronica and electropop are in-line with completion. Delivering excellence to your door. Our passion captivates the heart, body and mind where the infectious grooves, harmonies and catchy melodies invigorate your emotions, leaving you relaxed as with uplifted, excited and ready for anything in the day. Nothing could prepare you for the entertainment you are about to experience... You can contact us at

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Tribulation and Taboo