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Adrianne Jezin

Long Beach, CA


I am an abstract artist from San Pedro, California (18 Miles south of Los Angeles). I also draw and paint on canvas using acrylics. My passion for art and music began as a child, in my early 20's, however, I was introduced to art and began practicing drawing by example. I would look at tattoo magazines and basically anything I thought I might be able to draw. Ever since then I've been drawing and painting and creating my own unique abstract style. I have been in several art shows since 2010 in the Los Angeles Area including The Happening Gallery and The Sugar Art & Fashion Show. INSPIRATION AND INFLUENCES/expression: What inspires me can be found throughout the whole universe, the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer me as an artist inspires me the most. According to the Mayan culture, the whole world will begin a new cycle after 2012 and being an artist during these times gives me the tools I need in order to create art that relates to these events. I have a style truly of my own. I am self taught and as the years pass I have developed my own style of art. Abstract to say the least and my vision stays focused on sacred geometry shapes that flourish throughout my artworks. Only through the eye of the beholder my art is explained. Individualism and ascension are my main goals in art and I will continue to create pieces that reflect these beliefs in order for mankind to make a leap in evolution to the next cycle of the world. ART SHOWS: August 13, 2010, Sugar Art & Fashion Show, Los Angeles, CA September 16, 2010, Sindustry's Seven Deadly Sins of Art::”Greed”, Culver City, CA October 23 – November 14, 2010, “The Happening Gallery”, Marina Del Rey, CA December 17, 2010, Chocolate & Art Show #7, Los Angeles, CA April 7, 2011, RAWartist Hand Picked, Hollywood, CA MY STYLE: Creating a piece using pens such as Faber Castell along with either smooth Bristol paper or acrylic paper allows me to make fine lines , curves and shapes of abstract. My art is consciousness changing art. Sacred Geometry also plays a role in my artworks, its my innate feeling that when im creating my artwork, I am truly one with the divine creator and this is my goal as an artist. Artist Statement The style I possess as an artist is clearly unique and bold. I use different shapes and curves to define the outcome of my works. To me, art is a synthesis of my personal feelings, the subject or colors that inspire me and my materials and techniques. Serenity and simplicity are my primary goals. My goal when I approach a blank canvas is to create something inspiring for one's personal spiritual development. I enjoy an art piece which makes one think of all sorts of things they connect with. I focus on creating a special style which the whole world could benefit from spiritually.


My favorite thing about RAW is how special they make each artist feel!


Raising consciousness.

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