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San Diego, CA

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I'm an illustrator, went to college, got my BFA, and now live in San Diego. I work mostly on a digital canvas using Painter 12 with a little Photoshop thrown in. Although my canvas is a screen I learned all my core skills using traditional mediums. I still have a fondness for all that is traditional and the smell of oil paints fresh out of the tube still make me happy. I like doing almost any kind of art but as of late have geared myself towards concept design.

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Anything can and should inspire. You should take in all you can from the world around you as well as from the artist of past and present. There is always something new to learn. The moment the world stops being inspiring is the moment your probably dead... or a zombie.

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My Favorite thing about RAW is the wide variety of art and artist brought together on a single site.


Seeing new and fresh ways of depicting and representing ideas helps me get out of funks. I find myself at times spending long periods of my life just studying art pieces from around the net.