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Tahra A.

Philadelphia, PA


My name is Tahra A. and I specialize in hair and makeup design. I am new to the game but love what I do and feel I do it well.I love thinking outside of the box and creating everything from classically beautiful looks, to cutting edge, avant garde styles. I enjoy trying to push people past their comfort zones and making them see a beauty in themselves that they may not have seen otherwise. I come from a small town where being different illicit's murmurs and stares and I learned to pride myself on using those reactions to my advantage. My parents raised me to always take pride in my individuality and I like to pass that lesson on to others. Who created the standard for beauty and why should we be restrained to it? I refuse to be.


RAW allows me to showcase exactly who I am and what I love!


My favorite thing in the whole wide world is my Boston Terrier, Neville. I just wish he had enough hair for me to style!

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