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The Belle Weather

Milwaukee, WI


The Belle Weather is a concert band. We are acoustic guitars, stories, and melody. We are the resonant, pounding beat of a kick drum, the deep pulse of bass guitar, and the siren's wail of an over-driven tube amp. We are open fields and skyscrapers - equal parts modern folk and alternative rock - a fusion of inspired anthems and the art of simple storytelling. From the local coffee shop to the largest festival stages, we've built a reputation as one of the most diverse, polished, and passionate original bands on the Wisconsin scene. With each new song we continue to explore and evolve - invoking styles that range from raw, powerful grunge rock through intricate acoustic folk and lush soundscapes. We take these songs to the stage with a rare combination of gritty, sweat-drenched energy and honest, heart-felt sonic grace. Every concert is crafted to be an experience like none other. In the end, we have taken a great many influences and blended them into a sound that is uniquely our own. Soaring melodies emerge from the urgent sounds of guitar, bass, and drums. Impassioned, soulful vocals whisper, roar, haunt, and illuminate - leading the audience through stories of love and loss, hope and doubt, fury, optimism, and pure unbound wonder. We invite you to come and listen, and promise to give you everything we've got.


Writers with a strong voice. Artists who explore. Singers who don't hold back. Originality - whether in art, music, food, fashion, business, or any other facet of a well-lived life. We all owe a debt to the artists who came before us, influenced us, and inspired us. We've always considered the best way to honor them is to do what they did: to channel those influences through our own musical voices and make something uniquely our own. When we see other artists doing that, it inspires us to be even better at what we do. We can always tell the difference between people who like to do something and people who NEED to do it. We were made to make this music. We love to do it. And we need to do it to live up to this music we were given to make.


We've played other showcases before. We've "lost" to cover bands, or bands who were essentially cover bands for a given genre or "tribute" to something that has already been done. We get the distinct impression that RAW values originality over these types of ploys. You believe in originality, believe in your talent scouts, and believe that people will recognize unique, original art and buy tickets to see it. It's a brave, bold move, and the same type of move that has inspired every new movement in the arts. People get comfortable with what they know. They have to be reminded from time to time that what they're comfortable with was once new, and began with that spark that all new things carry. They have to be reminded of that feeling of exploration and discovery. RAW gets that. We would love to be a part of it. Even if we're not selected, we respect what RAW stands for and we support your efforts. Thank you for showcasing new art. That's what really makes the world go round.


The simple answer? Getting the opportunity to make our music. Whether we're playing for two people (and we have!) or two million (someday!), we play with all of the passion, fury, sweat, joy, and everything else we have to give. We would do it for nothing (and we often do!), and that would be enough to make our world go round. Beyond that? When those two fans bring a few friends and the room begins to fill up, we use that energy and amplify it. That's when we get to make someone else's world go round, which is a completely different thrill. We've always figured that if people saw us giving everything we've got to give, maybe they would chip in and give us something of themselves. Then it's a collective experience - as music should be. And when we're giving everything and the fans are giving everything they've got back? Then you've really got something special. We live for those moments.