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Pomona, CA

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Obsessive COOL Disorder. I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years, with love for art, music and fashion. Born and raised in the world of action-sports and designer to numerous top brands. Chasing the Cool has been my D.B.A. for many years and recently OCD has been the hit spin-off label that has allowed me to show my creativity beyond what I could imagine. Recent collaborations with large companies, hip-hop artists, models, DJs and more has allowed a quick following of people looking for the next COOL product. OCD is a combination of bold One-of-a-Kind pieces, placed on shoes, hats, headphones and numerous accessories. Hand Painted with an urban feel. CUSTOM. ART. GRAFFITI. INSPIRED. What started out as a fun project has quickly turned to something I have dreamed of doing for so many years and I look forward to continue tagging products with things that inspire me and bold, fun art that has a youthful, outgoing, in-your-face flavor. So many different artist have inspired me and helped to create the style that OCD represents. We all have that taste for COOLness inside of us somewhere. Whether COOL just runs through your veins, or have to work for it, we understand that even some of the biggest fools out there are just trying to fit in somewhere. I respect that and hope that OCD portrays the COOL in all of us. It's a disorder and I know I got it!... COOL?

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music, videos, magazines, movies, others peoples work, photography, Shepard Fairey, Kanye, JayZ, Frank Ocean, a good vibe and a nice cold cocktail!

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It's great to have an outlet to show the world how many great artists are out there on so many different levels. I love the combination of different artists all in one place at one time. It's so hard to get yourself and your work seen and your name out there, though social media has taken a huge step in changing that. Now RAW is actually letting artists come together and making people aware of what's out there and putting them right in front of you. A great network and I'm happy to be involved!

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My family and kids, art, music, sushi, good friends and support, inspiration, ideas, ideas, ideas

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