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The Indra

San Francisco, CA

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The Indra Millinery won RAWARDS Accessories Designer of the Year 2011! Dark Modern Retro Chapeaux. All The Indra Millinery is designed and fabricated by Indra Lowenstein aka international multi-disciplinary artist “The Indra”. The Indra Millinery is never produced by dressing up or assembling mass produced components. Formally trained in numerous art forms, Indra brings an uncommon and courageous eye to the traditional art of hat-making. From fine art to club fetish, She draws on a variety of creative sources to fabricate her arresting designs. Using old-world techniques of model millinery and blocking, Indra takes great pride in her craftsmanship. Creating original whimsical designs with an affectionate nod to the past, while also placing a bold foot in the future, Indra’s millinery is always a conversation piece. Each hat is completely hand-made by the designer herself, using only the finest raw materials: fur felt, silk, feathers, rare silk veiling, 22k gold leaf, sterling silver, vintage African trade beads, jewels, pearls, Akoya and Abalone buttons, antique brooches, Edwardian and Victorian buttons and pins. Featured in galleries and couture salons, Indra's work includes approximately 50 one-of-a-kind hats a year. She is also available for commissioned works. Coming in January 2012! An entire range of men's and women's bowlers and stovepipe top hats in rock and roll styles. For more information please visit: Please view The Indra Millinery's video at:

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