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The Parsnip Revolt

Philadelphia, PA

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Striving for perfection can be a detailed and hard earned journey. The biggest critic of any musical group is usually themselves. The Parsnip Revolt is that very scenario in motion; many times starting a project from scratch in an effort to steer it into the proper lane. With their new album, A Sunshine Report, The Parsnip Revolt has found their own open highway to successful longevity. This is the story of an American rock band and their solidarity through seemingly insurmountable creative struggles. This is the tale of a band that has dodged common pitfalls to challenge the status quo of Philly’s alternative rock clique and win a place in Philadelphia culture. The new and exciting album, A Sunshine Report, represents the band’s continued commitment to their craft, their sound, and most importantly, their fans. The Parsnip Revolt is rooted in melodic alternative rock, utilizing the compositional punch of Geremiah Giampa, Jake Williams, Brian Fin and Tom Mellon in sonically diverse ways well beyond the reach of most bands. Whether you see them live or drop your hard-earned money on A Sunshine Report, you’ll become a quick and cherished member of the family, and in the end, part of the revolt against mediocrity.

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