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Tim Prendergast

Baltimore, MD

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Although creatively active since childhood - drawing and snapping odd photos with my grandmothers old Brownie camera - I've considered myself a serious photographer and visual artist since 1983. I grew up in Severn, MD and have lived all my life in and around Baltimore. I currently reside just southwest of Baltimore in a little town called St. Denis / Relay… I was the first person to receive the BFA in Imaging and Electronic Arts degree from the University of MD (Baltimore County campus) in 1989. The degree program, which was introduced in 1988, was modeled after my transcript. I pretty much followed my own creative path in school and they eventually kicked me out by giving me a degree… After college, I went through several jobs in the arts including: Photographer/Photo Printer; Graphic Designer; a Sandblasting Glass Artist; Interactive Multimedia Designer and Art Director; Multimedia Creative Producer and Web Designer/Developer. Throughout this time I have continued to work as a freelance photographer and photo-artist. Recently, my creative work has been primarily in the area of narrative photographs and composite photo compositions. Movement and color relationships play a major part in the visual presentation of all my work. I am actively working on developing workshops to teach some of my proprietary techniques and considering publishing books of my work and techniques.

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I'm excited by the diversity, direction and energy that seems to surround RAW. Bringing creative people together is always a good thing.

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The look on peoples' faces when they see or hear or taste something really cool for the first time.... I strive to make that happen as much as possible.

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