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Maxwell C. Shepherd III

San Diego, CA


Art has been a part of my life since I was born back in 1980, in the best place on earth, San Diego, California. I was a super shy and quiet kid, but also intensely creative. As I grew older I never really got hooked on any one specific style of art, my mind was always thriving to learn something new. Weather it be creating something or inventing something imagined spontaneously, my hands are always in some type of weird project. My friends must think I'm nuts! One day I'll be doing something like building a cabinet with secret compartments, and the next time they come by I'm constructing a pop-up book or creating molds for kids candy robots. All in all I would have to say that I have an overwhelming passion for creativity In general, I'm super well rounded in all art categories, and willing to Take On All Challenges.


The REAL creative people, the ones that are naturally creative in everything they do in life! The Born Creatives! They are the ones that inspire me!


My favorite thing about RAW is that they actually take the time out to see your artwork and then match you up with shows that your style matches best with! Just knowing someone is gonna SEE my work , is worth all this in its own!


My kids being around my art makes them super creative also...Thats what makes my world go round... =)