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Pittsburgh, PA


My name is Niffer and I stand on the Earth through space and time. For me creation, life and learning go hand in hand in hand; may they ever spin and dance! A lifelong artist and traveler of realms I have been recognized worldwide for my photography, drawings, animation and jewelry designs. Trilodeon is the ultimate portal to crystallize in my creative cocoon- a evolutionary vehicle to boldly go where no art has gone before! For we are all the crew of this spaceship Earth, and we are awakening. No longer is anyone just one thing- I am a multidimensional being expressing in art, science, spirit. Trilodeon means a 'place of three', a magical portal where we are re-made, transported beyond duality to an infinitely creative realities. Trilodeon makes these tools for new and possible human, to become we can be, so that we can make this planet whole and free. Activate your imagination- together we make a greater Earth when we Live, Love, Evolve.


Being alive inspires me, and all that I can sense in this Universe- for truly it is a miracle that we even exist! The 'hidden in plain sight' truths inspire me the most- codes to realities that beckon us as we strive for learning, fueled with Love's yearning. These codes and their unfolding are called Evolution, the greatest story ever told. Examples of codes: DNA, Geometry, Cosmology, Zodiac. All is mind.


I love how RAW brings creativity and people together. This is the most vital connection we can all have- this expression and appreciation of the Universal creation energy that gives life to us all! The walls of separation that oppress this flow are tumbling down. We are infinitely creative by nature, and facing that reality can be very RAW indeed. Because the RAW fact is that this world is dying. It is plundered as a separate resource, rather than loved as our body. Humanity must awaken to its role of stewardship to save the Earth. We do have the RAW creative power to activate our imaginations, to heal and co-create this world!


Earth is my world, spinning around and dancing between Sun and Moon. Joy is the fuel that makes it go! As it moves through evolution in an orbit of eternal grace, so do weeeee.