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Philadelphia, PA

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I have always had a love for fashion. Since I can remember I have been sewing little things, a little drawstring bag to match a dress, a pillow for the couch things like that. One day I was told that I would be able to go to school for what I loved. I applied and was accepted at FIT in New York. I graduated with a design in Accessories Design and have been designing handbags, shoes and belts.

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Monet, longwood gardens, sunsets almost everything in nature, baking-I find lots of great colors in foods, the streets of New York, the lyrics to the Beatles songs, mosaic fountain in the met, Carmen, recycling

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I think it's awesome that a person like me can have a chance to interact with other local artists and have a chance to get my work out. I've always felt I didn't want to design for others and lose my self in the process.

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knowing that tomorrow will eventually come, growing things-plants herbs flowers, my daughters giggle, Simon & Garfunkel, my animals, the idea that maybe there are fairy tale endings, good coffee, the ocean