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Michael J. Marx

San Francisco, CA


Michael J. Marx is a California-based PMC sculptor who specializes in unique and original works. He has been working with PMC since 2000 and believes that “Sanity is the Playground of the Unimaginative”. His work is currently being shown at multiple Northern California art galleries. Born in Massachusetts in 1969, he lived there for 18 years before becoming a born-again Californian in 1987. He currently resides in Alameda, California where he has lived since 2000. He primarily works in PMC with occasional forays into mixed-media and polymer clay. More of his work can be seen at: http://www.unsaneart.comand he can be reached at:


Industrial design, street art, world culture, Stanislav Szukalski, Nanami Cowdroy, pop art, tattoo flash, Generation W.T.F.'s members, dreams, nightmares, film, comic books, erotic art, Hot Rods, fire, explosions, Bacchanalia, and anything that makes me go "Holy Crap!"


An opportunity to present my work to an appreciative audience that likes originality, innovation and unique wearable sculpture.


The ability to push people's perceptions and ideas about jewelry beyond being merely for adornment. Jewelry is an artform like any other, and is not exempt from having to provoke a reaction from the viewer. Also, that jewelry should be displayed like other forms of sculpture when not being worn, rather than languishing, forgotten in some dark jewelry box.