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Liana Van de Water

Denver, CO


I am in constant awe of the magic of life, of energy, and of the human experience. As I gaze up into the stars year after year I grow more and more overwhelmed by the mystical cosmos that unfolds before me, and our purpose in it all. Why are we here? Why were we given the gifts of awareness, of creativity, of love? Why are we so compelled by color, light, smell, sound? Spirituality and religion aside, there is an undeniable miracle at work in the universe, and we are blessed enough to have the tools to begin to understand and appreciate it. My art is an exploration of those patterns of energy, and how they connect to our own humanity, to our intellectual, emotional, and sensual experiences, and the beauty that emanates from it all.


The cosmos, nebulae in particular, everything about Earth, music, energy, color, human emotion, the psyche, art in all its forms, intuition vs. intellect, the microcosm vs. the macrocosm, everything really!


The artistic community. The opportunity to be around other creative minds and to be inspired by their visions and talents. I am honored to be a part of it!


Painting, singing, writing, dancing. The mountains, the seasons, music, food, the people in my life that I love.