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Bullet Babe

Philadelphia, PA

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Bullet Babe is one part Babz G. and one part Ronnie Bullets. They’re combing the globe for materials that represent life and then deftly constructing bracelets, earrings and necklaces so that we are brought closer to the reminders of our past, the earth and our own perfect mortality. Bullet Babe creatively combines wooden skulls, Howlite stone, buffalo teeth, feathers and steel in original handcrafted pieces that may sound like items you’d find if you stumbled into an indian reservation, but their style is more global than the Navajo’s casino gift shops of our lamented natives. Inspired by Tibetans, Aborigines, Incas, Maoris and American Indians, to name a few, Bullet Babe has the same desire you do: to celebrate the ever changing; the birth, death and rebirth of the world and ourselves, to conjure the life and soul within materials which were once a part of other living organisms. We are here to witness the death of design without consequence, it is up to us to lead each other into that future, in all its forms.

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