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Seattle, WA

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I am an indie artist thrilled to see that organizations like RAW Artists exists to help artists of all kind. My sound has been compared to Sara Bareilles and Tori Amos with some unique elements shown in my painfully honest lyrics set over pocketed piano grooves. Zarni moved to America at age 10 from South Africa and fell deep into the music scene. She has been awarded for several scholarships as well as songwriting contest (The Korg Endowed Scholarship, The Scott Benson Highest Award for Songwriting Scholarship from the Berklee College of Music, The Rockin Mom's Song Contest, The Gauteng Songwriting Contest) and has been featured on several television series (WSKG TV, Newschannel34, Music Closet TV and the Steve Katsos show). Zarni was also selected to perform for John Mayer on his most recent visit to the Berklee College of Music. Now, Zarni hopes to infiltrate the music scene in Seattle, meet other musicians, and of course have her music fall on as many ears as possible!

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