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Voodoo Kat

Minneapolis, MN

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Voodoo Kat (Hunter) is a professional tattoo artist currently living and working in the Chicago area. Creating traditional/neo-trad tattoo style art, surrealism, and abstract, as well as a background in spiritual/Pagan art, she weaves her world in bright colors and bold lines, combining styles and mediums to suit her mood, and the soul of her clients. Her work has been described as creepy, feminine, and bold.

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An Outlet. Sharing Emotion. I pour my soul onto the paper, onto the canvas, and into the skin. Each time I sell or give away a piece of art, all of that focused energy is released into the atmosphere, and into the life of the recipient. This is my magick. This is my contribution. This is how I change the world. I decided to start selling my artwork not only as a supplement to my income as a tattooer, but to reach a wider net of people. Just because you cannot envision yourself covered in body art does not mean that you do not deserve to be inspired by the history and beauty of this art form. I am here to put a little ink into the lives of people, be it on skin, paper, or canvas.

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I like that it seems as if the collective is on the side of the little guy.... the non MCAD graduate, the self taught... giving everyone a chance to put their lifeblood out there for the masses... thats all we ever really want as artists. We want to put ourselves out there, and see if perhaps we can move someone.

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Beauty, in all it's forms... even the ones that deceive and seem like ugliness until you get to know them. They usually end up being the most breathtaking too by the way. I bask in the warm feeling that I get to be one of the ones who's job it is to saturate this world with color and vision... I get to help make this place livable for everyone else. How awesome is that?