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Wind and Sea Designs

San Diego, CA

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Cortney Beck has been an artist since she was 2. She started taking her artwork more seriously when she became a Scuba Diving Instructor at age 19. Cortney's love for the ocean has kept growing as she keeps exploring the world and all it has to offer. The best way she thought to give back to our amazing planet would be to use her artwork for the greater good. 10% of all her proceeds go to ocean conservation groups such as * The Monterey Bay Aquarium (Save the Oceans Foundation) this aquarium helps safe the millions of species that live in the sea and protect its environment so that our beloved grand children will know the wonders of the sea. *Jim Abernathy's Scuba diving Adventure- This company helps take divers to experience Tiger sharks at Tiger beach in their natural habitat. They help conserve and educate people on the amazing abilities of these phenomenal creatures hands on! Your donations will help fund companies such as these and help inspire others to be aware of the ocean and all that it holds dear!

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The Ocean. I'm a scuba diving instructor, surfer, and all round ocean lover. The ocean is what drives me and helps create the beauty that I see in my mind to be recaptured on canvas.

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I love how there are so many ways for artists to express themselves and RAW allows each individual to become known to the world.

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Scuba diving is my drug of choice, I long to be a mermaid and live in the sea. Until I grow gills I shall stay on land and try to save as much of the ocean as humanly possibly for my children to one day enjoy.

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