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Miami, FL

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Ticherts (pronounced t-shirts) is a brand by three Latinas that art, love and culture brought together to create a new concept in the apparel world. Our mission is to create special wearable art that spreads love, laughs and positive vibes every time someone wears one of our t-shirts. Our motto: Tees made with Mucho Love, it is important to us to have a brand that projects and supports positive, loving messages. We are involved in every aspect of the creation of our products, that way we can really mean they are made with Mucho Love. We focus on delivering original and artistic designs made with high-quality materials to create a unique garment. Our store is: Making people laugh and spreading Mucho Love since 2009.

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Culture, talented artists, music, art and love.

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Raw is an incredible platform to showcase what we love doing: be able to create artisan garments filled with good vibes and spread them all over the world.

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Art, music, culture and passion for what we do rock our world!