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The Zero Summers

Salt Lake City, UT


Beautiful art is often created in the wake of chaos, or at least at the end of a long journey, and The Zero Summers are no exception. These guys are the real deal: just real musicians making real music that moves people, inside and out, with a guitar, a cello, drums, the occasional piano, and their voices. No million dollar budget. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just authentic indie rock. The band's music has mostly been shaped by songwriter/frontman David Higbee's experiences living in Argentina and Japan, reconciling spirituality with human nature, overcoming culture clash within his own marriage/family, and then returning home to a faltering US economy and starting all over again. Their songs have been described as "indie rock that moves your body and soul", and "all glistening harmonics and melody lines". This unique mix of ambient indie-pop draws heavily on J-rock, British pop, pop-punk and hardcore influences and songs oscillate between inspiring anthems and feel-good grooves.


The elusive promise of peace. The whole wide world, both near and far. Authentic experience-based literature, art and film. Thoughtful poetry and prose. Real people who dare to be who they are and teach others to do the same. Gandhi.


I love your unrelenting support of independent creativity and support of local music and art. I especially appreciate your focus on 'underground music in overlooked corners of the world'. I think that's exactly what the world needs: More focus on the REAL people out there making REAL music, on a limited budget, that touches you (not 50 producers and an A&R board, although there's nothing wrong with that if that's your vibe).


Underground Japanese Pop-Punk, Yerbamate, Sushi.