Heaven's Artist - Breanna Ruiz

Visual Art – Chicago, IL

In 2016, Chicago Artist Breanna Ruiz left her small hometown LaGrange, IL in pursuit of a BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).  She was accepted into their respected Fine Arts Program as a dedicated painter. Since early childhood Art has been the backbone of Breanna's life. Instead of playing sports, she competed in school district art contests, showcased artwork in local libraries, and even gifted large scale paintings for her friends homes. Now as an adult, she attends one of the most prestigious Fine Arts schools in the Nation. During her second year at SAIC, Professor and Artist Mary Lou Zelazny, taught a detailed course on Collage that drastically changed Breanna’s entire approach to art. After learning of the many elements and techniques of collage, she began integrating new materials such as fabric, gold leaf, special papers, photography and digital design into her paintings. She broke the barrier of space, depth, color and texture, and found a new world no longer bound by paint and canvas alone. ...more