The House of Sass & Magic
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The House of Sass & Magic

Fashion – Toronto, ONT

Stacey Gonder founded the House of Sass & Magic with the belief that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to express themselves. Her mission is to create unique, stand out pieces that are built with Love, Sass and Magic. HouseSM clothing is designed and built to be comfortable wherever you choose to wear them, be it on a dance floor, at the grocery store, an anime convention or chillin’ with your homies. With over 20 years of experience as performer and over a decade as a costumer Stacey knows what it takes to build something that looks sassy and feels like magic.
 House SM is thrilled to provide everyone with a Canadian option when purchasing clothing and/or themed outfits. We desire to give our clients the opportunity to support the Canadian market by providing them with a local professional option for original, one of a kind, hand made clothing & custom party wear.

We are enthusiasts in Toronto’s Electronic Music Scene and have found a creative outlet that allows us to share Cool Clothing with Cool People!

We are trained costumers by trade and hold post-secondary Degrees/Diplomas in Theatre Production and Costume Studies. We have combined our skills to bring you the House of Sass & Magic. <3