Abigayle Reece

Beauty – Denver, CO

What I do: ​I see hair as an opportunity for creative expression and pursue it passionately through salon experiences, photography and live shows. My vision is to melt the craft and art form of hairdressing with personality, creativity and vision of the muse. How I do it: ​It all starts with passion, for the craft of hairdressing and what I can do for the guest in my chair. I have worked professionally in the beauty industry since the age of 16, but the journey began years before, terrorizing my brother with combs and excessive amounts of haircolor. In my free time, I am expanding my education in everyway I can. From hands on experience, education classes across the country, and research to ensure my skills are at the highest possible level.  Why it matters: ​To me, hair is so much more than just a job. Hair wakes me up in the morning, gets me excited about life, and allows me to create beauty in the world. I am a hairdresser, and to me, thats a powerful thing. ...more