AJ Torres

Beauty – Omaha, NE

My given birth name is Arcelia Torres. To simplify my life and others\', I go by AJ. I\'m a self-taught make-up artist with an insatiable passion for the industry. I strive to become a master artist (which simply means to learn every kind of makeup artistry there is). I enjoy having that versatility. At the moment, I am attending beauty school for esthetics training. Without a great canvas, leaves not much room for a great masterpiece. Life in general is a passion of mine. I actually stop and smell the roses and take in all that life has to offer. I possess an inner alter ego who is sheer hipster. She loves lattés, scarves, beanies, not-your-typical taste for art, and loud prints. She falls in love easily with men and sometimes inanimate objects. But when she does love, it\'s with her whole heart. When I revert to her world, it feels like home. Did I mention I love people! All kinds of all walks of life. ...more