amanie illfated

Music – Toronto, ONT

amanie illfated is a South Sudanese born, Toronto based indie fusion singer, model and writer who mixes dynamic lyrics with an eclectic, often ethnic, sound and has been nominated for 2 awards. She was born in what is now known as South Sudan and immigrated to Regina, Saskatchewan with her family as refugees in 1992. At the age of 16, she left her family to pursue music in Toronto, Ontario and has since collaborated with numerous artists including Nathan Bishop (Uptown Underground Records) LK Collective, Emmanuel Jal and Kikijiko as well as Feeling the One Drop: a local reggae band that she has worked and performed with. She has also performed with the Nigerian pop duo, PSquare, and the Calypso inspired, Kobo Town. Her music has been played on radio in Canada, the US and the UK. Her self titled (November 2015), is a candid expression of amanie illfated’s paradox-like nature, high fashion styling, metaphoric lyrics, her diary-like motif and her clear-toned, youthful voice. The first official single and music video, ‘letter to myself’, is a cross between pop, hip hop, rock and contemporary orchestration, and opens with the impactful statement: “I-I am damaged goods.” Singles ‘ultimate candy’ and a collaboration called ‘You & Me’ with international artist Yaba Angelosi (Assida Records) are in circulation. She is currently working on a new album called ‘Saturn’ that is set to be released in spring 2018. ...more