Ana Hernandez Burwell

Visual Art – San Antonio, TX

I am a Laredo native and San Antonio transplant/lover. I\'m married to a guero from New York named Chris and we have a sweet little güerita named Julie. | I\'ve always loved to draw and learn new ways to create art. Before my recent college art courses the only art training I had was in small weekly classes at \"papelerias\" (school and art supply stores) in Nvo Laredo, MX during the summers. I attended San Antonio College for a few years and fell in love with my painting classes. _ I work mostly with acrylics and charcoal. I started off by making more \"controlled\" paintings, usually drawing from life or pictures, making portraits of my daughter and paintings of bulls. _ In the past year, I\'ve tried painting what comes to mind, often ending up with a chaotic, cluttered yet harmonious piece (when I\'m lucky). _ I love pretty things and gravitate towards saturated, bright colors, harsh, rough brush strokes and inky, dark, contrasting, expressive marks. _ I left SAC with a merit based scholarship and 7 pieces, which are currently on display, in the juried student art show. I also have a piece on display in Gallery 201 in my hometown. I am currently awaiting my first semester as a fine arts student, with a concentration in painting at UTSA. ...more