Angela Craven

Visual Art – Denver, CO

I am an abstract painter living in Denver, CO. My work is about communication and the notion of strength. Much of the imagery in my work draws upon written text, vintage anatomical illustrations and street art. From conversation, from something I’ve read, from a thought that I’m curious about translating visually, words drive my entire process. They inform the shapes, textures and colors on my canvas. What is it that transpires between the first layers of language and the edited message received by the listener? Words in themselves are an end, but their tone, inflection, delivery and context unfold into complex meanings. Human interaction, communication, is the impetus behind my work. Words are not the only means by which we communicate. Images bombard our daily lives and are all meant to evoke some thought or feeling. Art communicates itself in layers just as the meaning of a conversation evolves as it occurs. It’s constantly evolving with its audience. I aim for my artistic process to continue beyond the completion of my painting. I hope my work functions as a tool for communication. My end goal is to mirror the complexity of what transpires in our everyday communications, and in turn, to inspire a dialog among and with the viewers. ...more