Arcangela Miceli

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Arcangela Miceli is a female artist from Buffalo, New York, now based in Los Angeles, California. She holds a BA in psychology from Buffalo State College and an MA in psychology with dual concentrations in Art Therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate University. She uses art as a tool to help facilitate communication in therapy, as well as to provide a visual, tangible form for clients' self-exploration and self-expression. Arcangela supports people with mental illness and believes in transparency and normalization to decrease stigma associated with mental disorders. Arcangela began painting in 2013 as a way to cope with stressors, chronic pain, and mental health symptoms in her own life. She found the process so valuable and rewarding that she decided to pursue a career as an Art Therapist, so that she could share that experience and help other people in need. The art that she creates is sometimes a reflection of what she is experiencing, or sometimes a projection of what she would like to experience - for example, when feeling overwhelmed, using a palette that promotes calming. Her work, and what she teaches her clients, is more about the process of creating than the end product. Arcangela had been struggling with chronic pain due to a spinal disease called cervical myelopathy that resulted from a car accident. The disease caused debilitating pain, electric shocks, lack of balance, and numbness that were especially concentrated in her hands. She finally had spinal surgery in June of 2018 and is currently in the process of regaining sensation in her hands and decreasing the pain in her neck, shoulders, and the rest of her body. She is focusing on gratitude for getting her life back on track and aiming on reflecting this mindset in her art. For the first time in years, she is not so much feeling the desire to escape, but more the opportunity to feel connected! ...more