Archana Aneja

Visual Art – Detroit, MI

I use the universal language of art and music to express my personal emotions and feelings, without any constraints. Grooving to my favorite music, I use bright, bold palettes, heavily textured layers, acrylic, resin and mixed media to create contemporary art representing life itself. My motto for life and career - “Push your Boundaries and Let Life Flow!” – is reflected in my artwork. In 2017, I collaborated with my friend and fashion designer, Sumita Bhojwani (KalaXpress) on a Contemporary Art Collection - Let Life Flow! The marriage of beautiful Fashion Design and Contemporary Art is a win-win for everyone involved. This combination has resulted in some dazzling and unique statement pieces. The style is contemporary, sophisticated and yet quite comfortable. Free spirited, vibrant, sculptural and full of life, each piece has a mesmerizing quality to it. The aim of this collaboration is to give women from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to choose unique artistic clothing at affordable prices. Our aim is to inspire everyone to follow their own chosen path, personality and dreams. The courage to Break their Boundaries and Let Life Flow! ...more