Natiq Jalil

Visual Art – Pittsburgh, PA

My name is Natiq Jalil. I am a self-taught artist and poet living in NYC, though I still consider myself a Pittsburgh local. I am originally from Montgomery, AL, but spent most of my life in Denver, CO. I\'ve been painting professionally for many years now, but I\'ve decided to take my craft a lot more seriously. I work primarily in watercolor and acrylics with a style that has been steadily evolving over the years. I get my inspiration from dreams, usually the last things I remember during that short period between deep sleep and waking up. My work has been feature on book covers for sci-fi and fantasy novels. I\'ve exhibited my work in galleries such as the Space Gallery and Luz Gallery in Denver, CO, and the Shadow Lounge and Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh, PA. Many private collectors in the Denver, Phoenix, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and other places around the country cherish my work. I love the human form and draw much inspiration from the diversity of faces I encounter everyday. I always wonder, \"what is this person\'s story\" or \"What is making this per sad or happy?\" I love to tell stories with my art. And ultimately, it tells my own story. I am now looking to expose my art to the whole world and leave my mark on history like graffiti painted on the clouds and oceans. I want my work to become hard to miss. ...more