Ashley Jean

Visual Art – Ventura, CA

I have been doing art my whole life, the median has gone through changes and experiments but I have always loved to create. I was always the kid drawing in class. In high school I had many absences and not because I wasn\'t on campus but I was merely in wrong room cause I was always in the art room. That or I was in the photography room trying to get as much dark room time in as possible. For my senior project I worked with a master potter and made a tea pot set. I then attended Central Washington University where I did sculpture and drawing classes. I also went through a good portion of the photography program. I then decided I wanted to learn about lighting in photography and attended Brooks Institute for the past two years. I love experiencing new medians of art because I think each craft can help influence another and I love to begin to mix the medians together. My new passion is coming in with mixing photography, creative digital art and scanning in paintings or drawings that I do and further manipulating them in photoshop. ...more