Avielle Makeup Artistry

Beauty – Brisbane, QLD

I’m always changing my hair colour, I’m obsessive, eccentric and I embrace difference as wholly as I do my appearance. True self-expression is the essence of my being and a crucial key to keeping my inner peace. My love of fashion, art and entertainment stems from my childhood; I grew up defining my reality through an intense passion for style, and it has shaped me into becoming a hard-working insider of the industry. Since studying at The Australian Institute of Creative Design in 2014, I've focused my career towards the beauty side of makeup. Working as a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist for weddings, special occasions, glamour and family photography, I've helped my personal clients to look as gorgeous on the outside, as they are on the inside. As wonderful as that feeling is, personally nothing beats the feeling of being on set; a part of a team, watching ideas become reality. This concept of creation has a powerful magical element to it, which motivates me at my core. I aim to pursue perfection in my craft and bring my sense of individual artistry & imagination as contribution to emerging creative projects within the entertainment & fashion industries. ...more