Visual Art – Miami, FL

My name is Betsabel Curtis, also known as B'Curtis. Im from Miami Florida age 29. Been interested in art since I was first given a crayon box in kindergarten. Thought the years in school all the way to college I was very artsy. Always creating art on anything I got my hands on. In college, I studied interior design and wanted to pursue an architect career, but I realized that being behind a computer, connecting lines on auto cad and being told what to create wasn’t what I truly saw myself doing for the rest of my life. I was very discouraged at that time in life, everything was going down hill in all aspects and I dropped out on my 2nd year. Life started to happen. I tired to get a “normal career” in the medical field to obtain a solid income, that didn’t work. I began Bartending to help pay for school and to provide myself with a home and food. In 2014 Things started to look better as I was making enough money to support myself and still save money to invest. In 2015 after my great grandmother passed away I was numb. I took off on a road trip to take my mind of things. On my way back from the trip my best friend called me and told me he had found 3 big canvases in a ally by his Job. I didn’t hesitate to pick them up because canvases are a bit pricey. It was then when it hit me! As i started to paint I felt complete again. I remember smiling and painting because I couldn't believe that this is what I'm truly meant to be... an artist! My first collection "beauty of the art" was created in the summer / fall of 2015 on those canvases. Since then I've showcased my work in many venues throughout Miami, FL. I also make prints of my work on apparel and sold them in diffrent stores. My goal is to travel with my art, showcase, sell my items and pieces FULL TIME everywhere I go. ...more