Bear Campbell

Beauty – Dallas, TX

Dallas jack of all trades and master of none! I’m a licensed hair and makeup artist, model, actor, ninja and professional goofball! Currently a top stylist at the coolest salon in Bishop Arts, Esoterica Studios, providing you with quality haircuts, custom color and specialty styling. We often host our own hair shows and always enter really cool hair artistry contests! Most recently entered in Sebastian’s What’s Next Awards that focused all on textured hair! When I’m not in the salon, I’m at the studio shooting some amazing looks! You can find me in front of the camera or behind, assisting photographers or as the hair and makeup artist! I’ve collaborated with a dear friend, Brad Barton in creating an amazing horror/pinup genre book called Beautiful Monsters, of which I was the head makeup artist for the book and got to model my own monster! What started out as a joke, “Monsters are people too!” has turned into a fantastic collaboration so be sure to check that out and show us some love! Brad and I work together on lots of different themed photoshoots, such as fantasy and pinup photography! In my downtime, I enjoy watercolor painting and sketching. I like to call my art water-doodles, since they are very minimalistic. Be sure to check that out, too! I’m currently working towards getting certified to teach self defense and tai chi classes! I love martial arts, especially Tai Chi. It’s a great balance of kicking butt and of taking care of your own body, it’s multifunctional, like me! But wait... there’s more! I’m also an actor for the camera and the stage! My last show was She Kills Monsters in Dallas at Theatre Three. I got to play a demon queen who eats the flesh of bad guys. Pretty awesome right? What’s even cooler is I got to throw some serious punches (safe of course) because I’ve got lots of experience in stage combat! Thanks to Prism Movement Theatre, who taught me everything I know from being in this amazing tour Bruises: Animal vs. Machine where I played a young martial art prodigy. My latest film project is based on an original American made manga called The Immortal Trd Fox, basically it’s me and a bunch of dudes kicking butt and taking names all while having a blast behind the scenes! Besides getting to play fearless women, I’ve also done countless other shows including musicals where I sang and had a few dance solos, so come see me and check out my moves! Theatre has also taught me a lot of work behind the scenes, like sound and lights, scenic art design and much more! I was raised by a musician and a fashionista, artistry and passion runs in the family! All of these skills have been acquired over time and have been presented to me by the excellent artists I surround myself with who have been willing to tutor me, and I’m so excited to showcase myself and give back! My ultimate goal is to master these crafts and go on to be a tutor myself to other aspiring artists! Entrepreneurs for life! ...more