beBE dance

Performing Art – San Francisco, CA

Becky Bearse (beBE) is an independent fusion choreographer based in San Francisco, CA. Having danced since the age of three, Becky is trained in all forms of dance, from ballet to African to house to contemporary. This diversity is reflected in her choreography, which is rich with multiple mediums. Becky's choreography breaks the molds of traditional modern dance, inspiring audiences through movement stories filled with dynamic, multi-domain based movement. Becky has lived and traveled across the US and is honored to have been a teaching assistant to Kemba Shannon, who toured with Pink and Madonna, and performed on stages such as the Kodak. She has worked with artists across disciplines and was a Principal Dancer with Donlavy Dance in LA. Under her company, Becky has showcased work across San Francisco and is honored to have been a Garage and Levy Dance artist, as well as having presented on stages such as Dance Mission. ...more