Beth Golembiewski

Visual Art – San Diego, CA

Hello I'm Beth! I'm an artist, graphic designer, craft maker, and amateur baker. I currently live in La Jolla, Ca, but am originally from sweet home Chicago. I love the hands on nature of creating art, bringing something to life that started out as simple piece of wood, canvas, or blob of clay. By nature and definition, I am an introvert. I am most comfortable spending my limited free time on art in the quiet of my space. While others are out experiencing life outside the walls, I generally prefer to be fully absorbed in my art projects. I am completely consumed when I am in my creative element. It's my escape into imagination, my decompress, a place to get lost inside myself and transport into the mythical landscapes I am creating. I work primarily in acrylics, clay, wood, and flour. I also enjoy sculpting weird little creatures with buggy eyes. This opportunity to show the public what I mostly keep private is very exciting, but I’ll admit I am also quite nervous. I love art, it’s my passion. Thank you for your support! ...more