Where can a passion for fashion lead? It led Parris Harris down the runway and up the steps of the royal house of fashion. And there… he lived happily ever after...

Mr. Harris embodies a love for the entire fashion process . That process includes “everything” and I mean everything. That pretty much describes putting together a Fabulous show from start to finish.

Whether it’s the hugs and kisses at the end of a designer’s very first show or more importantly searching for a needle in a shag carpet at 4 a.m because a show needs it by 8 am and coffee is no longer doing the trick .Whether it’s working for 2 days without sleep and probably little food.

You are probably guaranteed to find Parris rockin’ along with a smile on his face laughing. Even if its 4am and he is searching through a shag carpet for the needle that so he can sew something that is needed at 8am.

This passion leads Parris to create A PASSION PHASHION production. This passion flows thru the body of Parris Harris and spills out and over every one involved in the production or who comes in contact with it! This Fashionista has coordinated countless shows in Los Angeles, SF, Vegas, San Diego as well on the East Coast and is always involved in shows in Los Angeles and SF.

Mr. Harris makes himself available to every aspect of a clients fashion projects and needs. A client will receive 100% attention and dedication. The need to interpret, to be effective, in whatever position mandated be it choreographing and training of the models and dancers, casting, creation of show themes, flyer design and overall general consultation, contacts with agents and managers, researching areas, venues and events and even assist in publist and promoting duties. Mr. Harris works tirelessly to create a working and cohesive environment.

Additionally, with access and experiences in casting events outside of the fashion circle such as commericals, music videos, plays, dance projects, singer show cases, DJs for night club events as well as provide services for fashion shows in LA, NY and Miami . His roster of talent includes tall diva’s as well as your all American fire eater that may be just the thing to put your fashion event over the top. His casting experiences include models as well as dancers, photographers, designers and/or whatever else is needed.

Mr. Harris draws upon his own many years of experience in the modeling industry, acting, designing, casting and scouting to put on a FABULOUS Show! You can see many of these shows on my website Phashion TV.

Where can a passion for fashion lead?

Where it led Parris Harrris A desire to developing a network of people with that same passion in order to create a method by which that passion can continue to breed and pop.