RAW turns 8 on March 12th! It’s been an incredible 8 years of discovering the most beautiful and brilliant art all around the world and giving those artists a platform to share their art with their community and beyond.

We are celebrating 8 years of RAW by sharing 8 success stories from our artists. Each day leading up to our 8th anniversary we are sharing a new story on our social media and in a blog post! Each story is so unique and epic, so we hope you enjoy reading each of them and are inspired by their creativity, hard work and persistence.


Today we hear from Travis Ewing!

Travis is an incredible vocalist and songwriter and we are thrilled to hear how his music has been going over the past 5 years. Enjoy this in depth Q&A.


1.  What’s your story? Where did you begin and where are you now?

My story begins in Lafayette, Louisiana, in the year 1990. I grew up listening to my dad’s old records from his time as a radio DJ in South Texas, everything from Steve Miller Band to Jerry Jeff Walker. I started playing music in 7th grade, when I joined a guitar class that my friend convinced me to take with him in lieu of a home economics class. Little did I know, that was the start of an incredible journey for me that has brought me to where I am today in Charleston, South Carolina. I have played thousands of shows across the United States, including a stint on Season 8 of NBC’s show, ‘The Voice’. I have since made a decision to attend law school so I can assist other musicians realize their rights in the entertainment business, but I still play music as often as I can and intend to record an EP of original music when the funds are available!



2. When/how did you get involved with the RAW community? What was your first RAW show and how many shows have you done?

I went to college at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but I spent a lot of my weekends visiting friends in culture-filled New Orleans. Through mutual acquaintances, I met the then RAW: New Orleans director, Rachael Wingate. She knew that I played music and sang, and she suggested that I come out to play in one of the showcases. I took her advice and played my first RAW event in August 2012. I had a blast, and met some really incredible people. Rachael reached back out to me a couple months later to let me know there was a finale showcase, and I was fortunate enough to garner enough votes to enter. I went on to win Musician of the Year for RAW Artists New Orleans in 2012!


3. What was the hardest part of your journey and how did you overcome it?

I think any person who chooses to pursue a passion in a creative field will agree that it is a hard journey. The money is tight, the nights are long, and the reception to your work is not always great. I think the hardest part of my journey was just deciding to continue to pursue it. I was fortunate enough that the biggest moment of my career, making it on The Voice, came at a time when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to pursue music full-time or not. So I had not fully committed to a life of professional work yet, and that made my decision a lot easier.


4. How do you define success?

I think success is situational, and I think a lot of us lose sight of what we dreamed success meant when we first started on our individual paths. My girlfriend sent me a quote a few days ago, and I think it fits really well here: “Don’t forget how badly you once wanted what you have now.” As long as you are happy, and you feel fulfilled while chasing your passion, I think you are successful.



5. Have you met anyone or got opportunities through RAW that have added to your story? How has your story changed due to these connections?

I think for me, winning Musician of the Year for RAW Artists New Orleans helped to renew my passion for playing music. I thought I had reached my peak before then, I was playing restaurant and bar gigs almost every weekend and I wasn’t feeling the fulfillment I once had. Getting that recognition and realizing that maybe there was still something left for me, it gave me the confidence to chase my dream, to spend 9 months flying back and forth to Los Angeles for The Voice. I am really thankful for that.

6. What are some of the highlights of your pursuit?

I’ve obviously mentioned it many times already haha, but the opportunity to appear in front of tens of millions of people on The Voice was definitely the highlight of my music career. I had an opportunity that not many people get, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Sitting at a piano with Lionel Richie and Pharrell Williams, singing Temptations songs, will be one of my fondest memories for the rest of my life.


7. What is one thing you have learned that you wish you knew 5 years ago or something that you think everyone pursuing a successful art career should hear?

I think just realizing how much you’ve achieved, and how far you’ve come, would be something that I would advise to everyone to reflect on. Most artists tend to be critical of their own work, but I think just realizing how much progress you’ve made over your career can be really rewarding when you sit and think about it. And to make sure that you always love what you’re doing. If it starts to get stale and you no longer find joy in your passion, something needs to change.



Wow! What an incredible story! We’re so happy to have helped you realise how talented you are and that we got to have you on our RAW stages. Seeing you grow and transition to bigger stages and audiences is so exciting, but we’re even more impressed that you have become passionate about helping other artists know their rights in the music industry. That’s definitely a tough battle, but it’s clear from your persistence with your music career that you will also be so successful with helping artists in the fight for their rights. Thank you Travis for being a part of RAW and sharing your story with the RAW family. You’ve inspired thousands of people through your music and we know that inspiring story is just going to keep growing and reaching thousands more. 

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