This week RAW heads back out to TEXAS for the third Dallas Showcase this year!  The Dallas showcase is under the capable supervision of one of our veteran Directors, Rasaq Adeyemi.  Rasaq has been directing shows at RAW for the last 3 years and this will be the 5th time Rasaq has directed a show in Texas.  You can always expect Rasaq’s shows to be tightly executed with amazing music and dance performances; tonight is no exception.




Pharaoh’s Kidz- Hip Hop/ Electronic


Pharaoh's Kidz consist of two solo artists, Valley Thompson & Trey Galactica, who came together to create the next super group. The chemistry they exhibit is evident on tracks like Fuego and Make It; with tripped-out electronic drums and an undeniable flow that will be sure to get this Dallas crowd moving.  


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KP & Thyshiya


KP & Thyshiya met near North Texas University and decided together to collaborate on an EP that was released in February 2017, "Floetic VibeZ".  These two are ready to bring us an energetic live show full of soul and intricate melodies.


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It’s going to be a hot, Texas-summer night out there so everybody drink plenty of water and have a good time out there!

-Nick Buffington