This Wednesday RAW will descend onto the Windy City for an evening of light, beauty, and collaboration.  Our last few RAW Chicago shows have been directed by the industrious Tui Lyon from Melbourne, Australia.  Tui is a roller-derby champion by day, and RAW Showcase Director by night.  This is Tui’s fourth Chicago showcase in the last year and a half, she is in the ZONE, and things are looking/sounding like FIXATE is going to be one of the best events we have ever seen.




Ally Ahern- Dream Pop


You may recognize Ally Ahern from our FIXATE Poster!  At just 18 years old, Ally is making a real name for herself within the Chicago music scene and beyond.  Her singing derives from her Jazz, Opera, and Musical Theater upbringing, allowing her to dance effortlessly between genres and styles.  


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Red Bella- Hip Hop


Red Bella is a busy lady; a creative director for her own company Ocean Wind Visuals, as well as self-releasing two music projects (Radiant Imperfections & Est. 92). Her music is laid back and relaxing, with lyrical content that entices you to keep listening.  Music and Dance are the driving forces in Red Bella’s life.


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Matt Muse- Rap/ Hip Hop


Matt Muse is a young leader as well as an MC.  His love of music is motivating to the young people he grew up with on the South-side Chicago.  He’s a Corporate Communications major so you know he will be able to relate on just about every level.  We are excited to see what Matt Muse turns out!


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Zeles-  Rap/ Hip Hop


Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Zeles felt the music in his bones from a very young age.  Zeles’ steady diet of rap and hip-hop cassettes as a kid developed him into the force he is today. While he had regularly rocked freestyle ciphers at parties in high school, Zeles got his first taste of music stardom when he was invited from the audience to freestyle on stage at a Mike Jones college performance.

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Windbreakers ON, Have a great night out there!

-Nick Buffington

Host of The Night Block on RAWdio