RAW is spanning the USA this week with one show in California, one in Colorado, and another in ATLANTA! Dayna Melton, Veteran showcase director, is heading back to her home town for a night of creativity and expression in the Peach State.  To everyone in the audience, be sure to welcome Dayna home!!




Mia Rio


Mia Rio is a positive Pop singer/songwriter out of Atlanta. As a Brazilian woman, she positions herself as "tropical classy". She advocates for Pop music that has evolved from the "sex sells" formula and believes Pop music can be relevant without losing its appeal.


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Olivier (Formerly C.Dupe) is a hip hop artist from Spring Valley, NY and resides in the greater Atlanta area. He began writing in his early adolescent years but didn’t begin recording music until 2012. His goal is to use music to inspire people to walk in truth and authenticity with themselves and others.



This will be the hottest Atlanta RAW show to date!  Drink plenty of water and stay out late afterward!

-Nick Buffington