Here we are on the East coast for our third show in Florida this year.  This showcase is helmed by veteran showcase director Rasaq Adeyemi.  You may recognize that moniker because he is, in fact, the very same Rasaq that hosts our weekly podcast series Real Talk with Rasaq.  You can hear him on RAWdio every day at 10am, 12noon, 2pm, & 6pm thanklessly divulging all the keys to a successful career in entertainment.  And if you’re sleeping on that opportunity, catch him live in Orlando THIS SATURDAY.



MoZaic- Funk, R&B, Soul

MoZaic has always been a lover of music; from dancing as hard as she could at family functions, to rapping lyrics on her toy recording machine. Being raised in the prime time of New York's Hip Hop movement, it's easy to understand this influence. MoZaic began singing leads in her church's children's choir, this is when she realized that singing was her saving grace. She believes that sound and melody have healing elements.  Do yourself a favor and check out MoZaic’s 4 part music video entitled “Unexpected Turns.”

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MoZaic is our only music act for this showcase folks.  Get there early, enjoy the art, and try to catch Rasaq keepin' it real; shouldn't be hard.


-Nick Buffington