Welcome back to Oregon everybody!  We’re back in Downtown Portland at the Roseland Theater for another epic West-Coast RAW show.  Hang out in the Voodoo Donuts line or read a book at Powell’s if you get a chance before descending upon the Roseland in a semi-orderly fashion.  This showcase is directed by RAW veteran Daniel Chavez.  You can catch Daniel's band DCHAV as one of our featured bands on RAWdio this week!  Listen for DCHAV at 8pm and again at 11pm!




Saint Syndrome- Avant-Drag

Saint Syndrome is an unmatched entertainer. As a classical pianist and pipe organist, he received national and international honors. As an academic, his psychology research appeared in international peer-reviewed journals. And as a Drag Queen, her aesthetic and rich bass vocals have confused and charmed audiences large and small. 

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CJ Mickens- Pop/ R&B/ Soul

2016 Oregon Soloist of The Year, CJ Mickens, of Portland, Oregon, originally hails from Las Vegas, NV where he attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. It was there he discovered his true passion for creating good music.  CJ has performed at a few RAW showcases including Seattle and San Francisco.

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Frankie Simone & Che Che Luna- Pop 

Frankie Simone + Che Che Luna are an indie-pop duo that's mission is to celebrate being different & confidently yourself. They stand strong in uplifting and empowering all identities, and strive to increase acceptance and awareness within their communities. Frankie Simone, a powerhouse musician, and Che Che, a professional dancer, take the stage with queer empowerment, authenticity, and pride.

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Alright everybody, have fun in Oregon (the state I called Home for over 20 years) why don’t you! 

-Nick Buffington